About Analog Rails

For over 19 years, Get2spec (“G2S”) has been developing Analog/Digital Rails, a disruptive Electronic Design Automation (EDA) expert system that allows mixed signal ICs to be designed 50x faster than what is currently done in the industry. Analog/Digital Rails is synchronized, automatic, and is built on the industry’s database (OA). We have an entire IC design factory, completely automating the design of mixed signal chips.

ANALOG RAILS BASIC IC DESIGN PLATFORM: This is direct replacement for the current IC design industry’s suite of custom EDA tools. This includes replacing Cadence Virtuoso suite (schematic, layout, simulation environment, and Spectre) + Mentor Graphics Calibre (DRC, LVS, RCx, Tiling, Coloring) suite of tools. Designs are done 3x faster due to it’s correct by construction (DRC/LVS clean), synchronization, crossprobing at all times, and some limited automation that goes way beyond what Cadence offers. Basic = Premium with the most of the automation removed.

ANALOG RAILS PREMIUM IC DESIGN PLATFORM: This adds automation on top of Analog Rails Basic. This is currently being used on 40nm, 28nm, 22nm, 16nm, and 14nm ADC and DAC designs. This includes automatic transistor sizing (optimization), automatic routing, and process migration. This disruptive technology allows design speedups of 50x above what is being offered in the industry. We will lease Basic, but we use Premium as a service to autoroute, etc.

DIGITAL RAILS: We offer 3 digital place and route systems (small, large, and interactive).

GIGA RAILS: We also offer Harmonic Balance, RF measurements, 2.5D and 3D solvers for transmission lines and inductor modeling.