2011/07/05: Analog Rails Releases Low Cost OA-Based IC Design Environment

Get2Spec / Analog Rails announces the release of Analog Rails Front-end, a low cost IC design environment consisting of a schematic and simulation environment, along with an infinite number of gnucapplus licenses and 1 msim license. This design environment is plug and play with the automated Analog Rails front to back solution, Cadence, and other Open Access based systems. For more information, please visit http://www.analograils.com.

This low cost front-end environment complements the Analog Rails fully automatic layout and parasitic extraction system that was released 5 weeks ago. The complete analog/mixed-signal IC design platform is capable of reducing the former “full custom” design cycle from months down to days.

Both the automatic and manual layout editor has correct-by-construction design capability with 100% synchronization between schematic and layout.